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Category Archives: Windows Dll

How To Install All Updates On Windows 7 At Once

First of all we have to check the drive for file system errors and for that follow the steps below. You can also watch this video guide from my YouTube channel to view the troubleshooting guide. After following the above methodologies, you will be able to resolve the error....

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How To Use And Customize The Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows being windows does not give us an easy way to do this, however we can disable windows defender by creating a simple entry within our registry. Lest create a second entry named AccentColorInactive for our inactive applications. Before we create our values however, we need to decide on...

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Dll Files Commonly Used By Games

Here you can change where you want to store the backup. In that case, you can easily backup your system from the cloud or on-premises BDR appliance. One strategy to handle the large number of snapshots is to build a structure representing the cells of the registry hive, then...

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