You’ll want to head into the settings first to customize your controls and screen layout and tweak the graphics quality to optimize gameplay on your device. For players looking for a more competitive experience, you can join or custom-create a clan where you can team up and practice your tactical strategies. Due to its global popularity, PUBG Mobile has developed a bustling eSports community.

It has many cool features and is the best choice for Windows PC. It became easy to use UI and gained popularity in a very short period. It supports Android 5.1 Lollipop and dynamic spin and has SD card functionality. However, if you use an older computer with less RAM and a weaker CPU, do not download Bluestacks. It uses much of your computer’s resources when it comes to running Android mobile devices.

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free trial for 30 days, but none of the versions come for free and you have to subscribe to one of these editions to continue using. MyEclipse offers many different versions to choose from including Standard, Professional, Blue, Spring, Bling, and Secure. Standard and Professional are the two main Editions of MyEclipse.

  • Apple is way ahead of Android here, with its dazzling Memoji, Animoji, payments, games, and whole iMessage app store.
  • Google’s Play Book app lets you browse millions of book titles, from audiobooks to ebooks, and enjoy them, all in one central place.
  • You can also compete against other people and test your gaming skills.
  • That means a drop in performance, which is when the frame rate dips, causing some noticeable stutters and lag.

It is essentially a two-player game so no need to add friends, however, that’s optional. QuizUp is a cool quizzing game where you can create your own quiz to play with your spouse.

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It’s wildly interesting and captivating, one of those games that keep you on your toes every minute. The best part is the World Arena, where you battle opponents in real-time. After solving the jigsaw puzzle, you get aesthetically pleasing scenery. It’s a no-brainer app meaning playing it is quite simple and easy. The idea behind this app is a calm, relaxing experience making it perfect for stress-relieving. What’s more interesting that each artwork has a story that you unlock after solving the jigsaw puzzle.